Month: November 2016

Is Your Pillow Right For You?

Most pillows are one size fits all ,but how important is it to have the right one custom fitted just for you?

perfect-matchFinding the perfect fit is not only better for your comfort but beneficial for the alignment of your spine. If you are not too familiar with all that can occur when the spine is misaligned you may, however, recognize some of the symptoms that begin to affect you in your daily life. When you carry a misalignment in your neck, you begin to suffer in the eyes, lacrimal gland, parotid gland, scalp, base of skull, neck muscles, and diaphragm.

Possible symptoms may include: dizziness, headaches, migraine headaches, allergies, head colds, fatigue, vision problems, runny nose, sore throat, stiff neck, cough, arm pain, hand and finger numbness or tingling, asthma, heart conditions and high blood pressure.  If you or someone you know has been dealing with any of these symptoms then they may have a misalignment of the spine known as “cervical”. These are just some of the problems and symptoms that can occur in just one of three sections of the spine due to misalignment.

With the proper kind of support on your head and neck every night, you could maintain the alignment of your spine and relieve upper cervical injuries and decrease existing conditions. The right pillow accommodates to your preferred way of sleep and the kind of mattress you lay on every night. Ask your chiropractor for a personal pillow match for you and every member of your family because everyone deserves an amazing and healthy night’s rest!

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Chiropractic for Children Too!

babyChildren tend to experience more slips, falls, hits, accidents, bruises, running, jumping, and activities in a week than an adult would in a whole year! The main problem is leaving most of these damages untreated. Without any prevention or wellness care, they’re incidents may lead to have painful and permanent musculo-skeletal problems as a young or old adult. Most problems occur with years of wear and tear and then we wonder why we are in so much pain! Damages done to the body of most children are capable of healing themselves much faster then those of an adult, however, without proper weekly or monthly adjustments, the chances of them using any kind of aid later in their lives is much higher! Children as young as three days old are able to get adjusted, how about that?!

Kids Chiropractic Checklist

I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a quick checklist of life events that would call for chiropractic care for your kiddos.

  1. birth
  2. help with breastfeeding
  3. colic
  4. digestive problems
  5. allergies
  6. sleep problems
  7. bed wetting
  8. physical developmental delays
  9. developmental milestones: begin to hold up head, sitting, crawling, walking
  10. colds
  11. ear infections
  12. falls/rough plays
  13. not feeling themselves

So what can you do to help your children now? Bring them in to your local family chiropractor and get them adjusted as soon as possible!

7 Eating Styles Linked With Obesity

  1. Food fretting. Whether its good, bad, legal, illegal, sinful, or virtuous food. This style of eating is when one is overly concerned and focused on food.
  2. Task snacking. Often eating while working, driving, or watching TV, although viewed as multi-tasking, is known as task snacking.
  3. Emotional eating. Indulging food for comfort when dealing with negative feelings or to celebrate positive emotions.
  4. Fast-foodism. Consuming an unhealthy amount of food in both quality and size throughout ones’s day.
  5. Sensory disregard, spiritual disconnection. When you do not enjoy the smell and flavor of your meals with gratitude and regard.
  6. Unappetizing atmosphere. Focusing on creating a pleasing dining atmosphere in your home, restaurants, drive-thru, or when dining in the home of others.
  7. Solo dining. Shifting from a “me” mentality to a “we” awareness through dining with others as often as possible to overcome the “solo-dining” eating style and lower the odds of overeating.

Analyze these seven eating styles that may be contributing to your weight gain and become aware of areas that aren’t working for you and that need your attention. Nutrition is key to your health and your overall performance when living with your day to day activities.

Oral Contraceptive For Women, More Than A Pill

What would you say if someone told you that oral contraceptive for women would decrease their chances of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy’ and anemia?

Women have been on the pill for most of their early years and their young adult lives. Experts believe the benefits of the pill are so strong that every young woman should take the pill for one year!

Birth control has often helped women remove certain issues found during their regular check ups at the gynecologist. If the pill has preventative effects then why aren’t more women on it? Perhaps it’s their one sided perspective that the pill is only a contraceptive for preventing pregnancy.

The price for the prescribed hormones is affordable for most women and is always the most safe and recommended one by your general gynecologist. Price ranges from anywhere between $25 to $50 monthly pill-pack supply in addition to with the annual visit for the prescription. It is recommended for young women to start the pill to prevent common health issues but without forgetting that the pill may cause blood clots after taking it for over eight years.