Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Are you dealing with the pain of fibromyalgia or recovering from stroke or injury? Electrical muscle stimulation may help you. Many training programs also integrate EMS to contract muscles. Competitive athletes and weekend warriors should understand that recovery is an important factor. It can be the difference between being a regular athlete and being a top athlete.


Meaning of Electrical Muscle Stimulation


EMS uses electrical signals to stimulate your muscle fibers to contract. These electrical signals are at high Hz rates. As your muscles contract, nutrient distribution and blood flow increase. More muscle fibers will be in use than what would happen in a standard workout or warm-up.

Electrical muscle stimulation can help you implant certain protocols within your training regime. It can help you improve your recovery from life stress and training and combat fatigue. It can also improve your health and sports performance. Some of the benefits of EMS include:


Helps in Muscle Recovery After Surgery or Illness


In the aftermath of an illness or surgery, you may find it difficult to move. Your long recovery period will lead to muscle disuse. This will cause your muscles to become weak and stiff. Electrical muscle stimulation will be beneficial when it comes to performing muscle re-education.

Electrical muscle stimulation using a stimulator will force your muscles to contract. A combination of that involuntary contraction with voluntary muscle contraction will allow muscles to function as they should. EMS can also help you recover from a prolonged illness. It minimizes the chances of pressure sores, especially in bed-ridden patients.


It Stimulates Blood Flow


Electrical muscle stimulation increases blood flow to muscle tissues. This is especially true when done at lower frequencies. Due to the relaxation and contraction cycles of the electrical impulses, your muscles will pump to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood into your muscle belly. Also, it will help metabolic function or clearance clear from your muscles.


It Strengthens Atrophied Muscles


If you fail to use your muscles as you should, they will decrease in strength and atrophy. Certain illnesses or medical conditions can cause this. These include broken bones, tissue injuries, stroke, and spinal cord injuries. If you suffer from such conditions, electrical muscle stimulation can help you.

It can help slow down your muscle atrophy. It keeps your inhibited or repressed muscles active. Electrical muscle stimulation is effective when it comes to easing soreness and tightness in your lower back. This is beneficial in resolving problems such as scoliosis, postural issues, sciatica symptoms, and more.


It Reduces Muscle Pain


Following electrical muscle stimulation protocols can help athletes experience decreased muscle pain. This can even happen without any other intervention. If you are an athlete with actual or perceived lower pain, you may be unable to feel more recovered or train harder. EMS will help you boost your performance outcomes and lead to successive training sessions.

Electronic muscle stimulation can improve psychological recovery and enhance muscular power and strength.


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