Relieving Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic Care


The lower back is made up of bony lumbar and sacrum. The Lumbar is ‘stacked’ together to provide a movable support structure. The lower back extends from the spinal column to the brain and provides protection for body tissues. If there is an injury to the muscles or joints, the body reacts by mobilizing an inflammatory response. But since it is difficult for the brain to find the specific disc that causes the pain, there is an overlap of nerve supply to many of the parts of the lower back causing a lot of pain. Over time, the muscles heal rapidly, but some torn discs do not. This may cause you to feel a burning sensation that moves from the lower back to the thighs and worsens after prolonged sitting. This is why you need to seek chiropractic care if you have experienced these symptoms.


Chiropractic Care for Your Lower Back Pain


Chiropractors’ manual therapies are very effective for lower back treatment because they perform spinal manipulation on your lower back. They can choose to use a device to readjust your spine or use their hands. These adjustments reduce joint strain and any misalignments within the spine. It helps improve the function of the affected joint and nervous system. It also eases any pain that may originate from the spine in the future. Your chiropractor will also improve joint mobility in your lower back, reducing the irritation of your nerves that causes pain. Your chiropractor will take a holistic approach and counsel you on nutrition and healthy habits.


Once you book an appointment with your chiropractor, they will examine your spine and determine the vertebrae that are out of alignment. Your chiropractor will go on to adjust the vertebrae by relieving any pressure on the joints. This will relax the muscles that support your spine. As your chiropractor adjusts you, you may experience a nearly instantaneous relief from the pain. If the body isn’t prepared for a proper adjustment, your chiropractor may administer a massage. This is followed by a cold compress to relieve soreness or pain around your spine. Once your spine is aligned, the weight is evenly distributed, and you can enjoy improved motion devoid of pain.


What Happens Before the Chiropractic Adjustment


Before going for a chiropractic adjustment, there are a couple of things you need to do. Ensure you are prepared for the chiropractic session by dressing appropriately because you are going to be asked to lie on a table. The proper dressing will include wearing loose-fitting clothes, not skirts, dresses, or tight-fitting jeans. Also, be transparent with your chiropractor. Your chiropractor may inquire about your medical history, including your current medications and surgical history. If you want to receive good treatment, your chiropractor has to make an accurate diagnosis based on the information you provide.


If you have experienced lower back pain that affects your daily activities, visit our Westchase Wellness Chiropractic Center in Houston, Texas, or reach out to us at (281)-462-5881 and book an appointment today.

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