Types of Auto Injuries

People report more accidents during the holiday season. This is because the roads are full of people who are in a hurry. Some people drive under the influence of drugs and substances. Others drive over the speed limits trying to beat the holiday frenzy. Nature also contributes to accidents during this time. Heavy snowfall and rain contribute to road accidents in a big way. You should be incredibly careful when driving during the holidays.


Auto injuries can cause long-term problems. Mild car accidents cause mild injuries. Major car accidents cause serious injuries. Here are types of common auto injuries resulting from auto accidents.


Head and Neck Injuries


Head and neck injuries are quite common. They are caused by banging your head against the car interior as well as whiplash from the sudden movement. Head injuries range from minor scrapes to severe injuries. Muscle sprains from unnatural movement caused by sudden movements are common.


Sudden impact with the steering wheel, the window, or a car seat can cause scrapes and bruises. Severe head injury is caused by deep lacerations and skull fractures. Internal bleeding in the head can cause brain damage or death.


Chest and Abdominal Injuries


Chest injuries are also common in the event of a motor accident. Broken ribs, bruises, and contusions are common forms of chest injuries. Sometimes, pieces of shrapnel from the accident can cause cuts and lacerations on the chest. A jammed seat belt can cause broken ribs and severe bruising.


Blunt trauma to the chest can also cause collapsed lungs and traumatic heart injuries. Accidents also cause damage to internal abdominal organs that requires immediate medical intervention. Abdominal bleeding can cause death if not attended to immediately.


Limb Injuries


Unexpected forces at high speeds can cause serious injuries to arms and legs. Muscle sprains, dislocated joints, torn ligaments, and soft tissue injuries are some of the common limb injuries. If you are thrown hard against the door or even outside the car, you can suffer from fractured limbs. Depending on the nature of the accident, limbs can be crushed, broken, or even accidentally amputated.


Some patients do not experience problems with their limbs immediately. They realize the problems later. This especially happens with joints and muscles. You should go for a full body checkup immediately after a motor accident.


Scrapes and Cuts


Scrapes and cuts can appear anywhere on the body during a vehicle accident. When cars lose control, the collision causes the people inside to become projectiles. Any other items in the car are thrown about as well. These items can cause scrapes and cuts. Serious cuts can result in excessive bleeding. Minor cuts and scrapes are not as life-threatening.


Emotional Distress


Apart from physical injuries, people also suffer from emotional distress. Being involved in a car accident is a scary and stressful experience. Sometimes, there are multiple victims. Some make it out alive while others end their lives there. People can suffer from forms of emotional distress and even PTSD following a motor accident. Sometimes, people who are not injured suffer from PTSD from witnessing traumatic accidents. It is important to get emotional support after an accident.


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