Types of Personal Injuries and Care

The musculoskeletal system provides form, stability, support, and movement to our bodies. It comprises of the bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissues that help support and bind tissues and organs together. Unfortunately, when we suffer a personal injury, elements of our musculoskeletal system are nearly always involved. When they become damaged, it can have a significant effect on our day to day lives – impacting our ability to move around, work, drive and live active and fulfilling lives. The good news is that many types of personal injuries can be treated, and one of the most effective ways to help patients manage and recover from musculoskeletal injuries is through chiropractic care. 


Here are some of the most common types of injuries and what you need to know about how chiropractic care can help.



Personal Injury


If you have suffered a personal injury, you may be recommended to see a chiropractor. There are several reasons for this. A chiropractor can often discover hidden injuries that might not manifest right away – such as whiplash or soft tissue injuries. They can help you manage pain that you are experiencing, speed up the rate at which these injuries heal, and prevent further damage from occurring. 


There are many different types of personal injuries, from slips, trips and falls to lacerations and other open wounds. Those that affect the musculoskeletal system can be caused by something as simple as bending or carrying something in the wrong way. Your chiropractor can assess your condition to determine what underlying damage has occurred and can work with you to restore your form, range of motion and strength and manage your pain. This will enable you to get back to your usual activities as quickly and easily as possible. 


Whiplash treatment


Whiplash is a very common soft tissue injury that affects the neck and can occur most commonly in an automobile accident. When a person has whiplash, the connective tissues in their neck have been stretched and twisted beyond the norm, causing damage to their structure and triggering pain in the patient. However, the symptoms of whiplash typically don’t develop until anywhere from two to 48 hours following injury. 

Chiropractic care for whiplash usually involves a combination of spinal and neck adjustments and stretching to eliminate pain, soreness, and stiffness. This restores the patient’s ability to turn and tilt their head comfortably. Massage and other rehabilitative exercises may also prove beneficial. 


Work injury


No matter what precautions are put in place, accidents at work can and do happen. Sometimes the injuries that are sustained affect the musculoskeletal system, making it difficult to carry out usual work activities and sometimes even leading to an inability to work at all. It can also affect our ability to live a full and active life. Many minor work injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system can be treated so that patients can get back to normal. Chiropractic care can help since it focuses on the realignment of the musculoskeletal system, triggering more rapid healing and the restoration of body functions. Chiropractic care can also help to resolve ongoing health issues that could arise in the course of your work, such as repetitive strain injuries, back pain, neck pain, and headaches.


Sports injury


Injuries during sporting activities are extremely common. There are several reasons for this, but mainly, they occur because:

  • The nature of the sport means that participants are moving around more than they might do in their other usual daily activities.

  • The desire to achieve maximum performance means that athletes push their bodies above and beyond their usual capabilities. 


Chiropractic care is a valuable tool for athletes looking to recover from an injury that they have sustained. By realigning the spine and bringing the whole body into balance, chiropractic care facilitates an increase in the amount of oxygenated blood flowing around the body. This additional blood flow helps to reduce inflammation and associated pain and speeds up the natural healing process without the need for medication. Regular chiropractic treatments have also been shown to help improve athletic recovery, boost performance, and prevent future injuries from occurring. 



Auto accident injury


Many injuries every year occur as a result of auto accidents. There is a wide range of different types of injuries that can occur from wounds and skin lacerations to those which affect the musculoskeletal system. Some of the most common of these include whiplash, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and soft tissue damage. Often, a person who experiences a minor injury can walk away from a car accident and not realize that they have suffered an injury at all, and it isn’t until hours or even days later than they realize that they have experienced strains, sprains, and nerve damage that affect their day to day lives.


Chiropractic care is regularly recommended following car accidents since it can help identify non-visible injury, realign your spine so that there is less pressure on joints, muscles, nerves and more, and improve the rate at which your body heals. Natural pain reduction without the need for medication is another positive by-product of chiropractic care, which can help you get back to your usual everyday life more quickly following a car accident. 




For more information on types of personal injuries and how chiropractic care can help, please contact our dedicated and knowledgeable team in Houston, TX by calling our practice. 

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