Types of Work Injuries and Treating Them

Although employers take measures to provide a safe working environment, accidents still happen. You may end up with an injury. Chiropractic care treats existing injuries and improves your flexibility so that you avoid injuries in the future. Here are some common types of workplace injuries.


Common Workplace Injuries


The injuries commonly incurred at the workplace include muscle strains and sprains and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people also end up with nerve damage and pain in their arms, backs, shoulders, and neck.


Your injury could be from one of the following activities:

  • Tripping or Falling

    • A fall from any height can cause serious injuries. You could injure any part of your body through the fall. People commonly fall when they trip or slip on a wet floor or when walking on an uneven surface.

  • Overexertion and Lifting /Lowering Injuries

    • Some jobs involve holding, carrying, pulling, or lifting heavy objects. Some objects may be too heavy that you overexert yourself. Besides physical burnout, overexertion can strain or sprain your muscles. It also causes chronic pain in the back and arms.

  • Injury From Repetitive Motion

    • Repetitive motion, like the one you make when typing, chopping food items, or when running a cash register, can be dangerous. Repetitively moving a joint can cause chronic pain, muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendinitis. Repetitive jobs that involve significant manual handling could cause slipped and herniated discs.

  • Walking Into Solid Objects or Objects Falling on You

    • In some workplaces, employees run the risk of running into obstacles or getting hit by flying debris. These objects could hit your neck, back, arms, feet, and head, causing injuries.


Chiropractic Care for Workplace Injuries


After incurring an injury, you must seek treatment promptly. Treatment resolves the underlying damage and improves your symptoms. Chiropractic care is an excellent treatment option because it is safe, drug-free, and noninvasive. You do not have to worry about the recovery times and the side effects of surgery or pharmaceuticals. Also, with chiropractic care, you recover quicker, and you avoid losing hours of work.


What to Expect

The chiropractor begins by asking about the symptoms you are experiencing. For example, if you have neck pain, he or she asks some questions about what you were doing before the pain came in. The chiropractor also asks about your job, lifestyle, medical history, and family history. He or she must dig deep to establish the cause of the pain and possible contributing factors.

You may also be asked to have an MRI or an X-ray to provide further clarity about your injury. If the pain is at a joint, you may not need any imaging. But, if the pain is in other locations, some imaging is critical. Once the chiropractor gains clarity of your issue, he or she moves on to treatment.

Chiropractors are famous for using spinal manipulations, exercise therapy, and ice/heat therapy. You also get nutritional counseling to speed up recovery. If your job involves lifting objects, the chiropractor may teach you how to lift the objects safely.


If you’ve suffered an injury at your workplace, chiropractic care can treat the injury. It also increases your flexibility to help you avoid accidents in the future. Visit Westchase Wellness Chiropractic Center in Houston, Texas. You can also call us on 281-462-5881 to request an appointment.

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